Individual residential building in  Tashkent, Mirzo-Ulughbek district. 540 m2
U. Kholmurodov, A. Dyo, S. Khodzhimetov, L. Soldatov, H. Latipov
Engineer: S. Ilokhunov
Under construction
A two-storey residential house with an area space of 540 m2. The project was ordered by a young couple of Far Eastern origins. We gave a lot of thought to the issue whether the dwelling that was to be traditional for our climate, the culture of the Far East, the architecture of the cottage estate surrounding the house and our personal attitude towards it should have been connected? What else can or should the project say about itself?

Without trying to stylize outwardly, we looked for our story and found it in the Jeonjagwan – the Korean headdress of the Joseon period and the flag of South Korea.