The Shashmaqom Center, Rashid Madrasah

The renovation of madrasah Rashyd to the Shashmaqom Center in Bukhara, Uzbekistan
U. Kholmurodov, M. Kosymova, S. Khodzhimetov, A. Dyo
Basic engineering and documentation: Meros LITI, Holmuradov Architects
Under construction

The project and sketch of the Shashmakom Center for UNESCO

The madrasah is located in the picturesque old part of the city near the embankment of the Shahrud channel. Our task was to design a concert hall and adapt the madrasah for public space and a shashmaqom music school.

We proposed to build a tower on an empty lot that would unite both the concert hall and rooms for students. The idea was rejected, since it “spoiled the façade of the madrasah.” The Meros LITI proposed to construct the tower in the backyard of the complex bordering the mahalla.