Ground Zero Coworking

We faced a difficult task – to turn a semi-basement into a bright, spacious workspace. We elected not to imitate an artificial landscape outside the window in order to “breathe life”, and resolved: “The basement should remain a basement”. Keeping the concrete ceiling unaltered, we made the interior more cheerful by adding a lot of warm shades. The design was based on endless horizontal lines, contrasting with spots of other shapes and furniture that seem to be scattered throughout the area.

Thanks to this, as well as to the breakdown into podiums, we were able to create different zones without the stereotypical construction of walls and rooms. Our signature black and white geometry in the entrance space seems to hint at the achievement of new goals, which corresponds to the concept of coworking. The premises have a “quiet” zone for those who like to work in a quiet and peaceful environment, a game zone, a lecture hall, a library, a meeting room, and a cafeteria.